Courage Molina Power Principles Courageous Living

In Power Principles: Courageous Living Courage shares a story of transformation. Her transparency in revealing how she was able to overcome depression, save her marriage and live life anew provides strategies that will empower and equip women of faith to exchange their struggles for strength.


Are you tired of living the life you’ve accepted for yourself?  

Do you doubt whether you have what it takes to have the life of your dreams? Are you unsure where to start? Do you want to thrive and live an authentic  life without apology? Do you desire to have an impact on others?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions then I have great news for you!

God created you with a purpose. He blessed and anointed you with skills, talents and a desire to serve and impact. Greatness and abundance are your destiny. Your success and increase brings glory to the Father and builds the kingdom of God.

Courage Molina has an anointing and calling to encourage and equip women of faith, just like you, to overcome any obstacle and achieve every goal so you can live an abundant life.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! Let’s get started! 

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Your Universal Weapon!

The bible is the "universal" weapon for our lives. Whether we are overcoming an obstacle or chasing a dream wisdom dictates we develop a strategy. I am so grateful that God has provided us with a universal weapon that does more than just protect us. The bible guides,...

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Know Your Enemy!

Satan is the enemy! When facing a battle we have to know our enemy. As we go through life we encounter people, situations and circumstances that come against us. We say things like "I'm down on my luck" and "I have the worst luck." I am here to tell you, luck has...

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God is the team!

You need to know your team! Whether you are recovering from past hurts, bad decisions or chasing your dream it is important to remember that you are not alone. You have an entire team working with you and rooting for your success. Watch this short video and get your...

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“My personal friendship with Courage has become a necessity to my life. I have never had someone who was able to relate so well to the curveballs life throws at me daily, and to not only say “I understand” but to truly be able to come from a place of raw experience.”


The delivery was very heartfelt, personal and real. Her passion was felt and made me realize that God’s plans will come to life for me too. I loved the way she tied in the music in with each category. Each segment left me wanting more. Lastly, I was very pleased with the respect of our time”.


Passion & Purpose Attendee "2016"