Minister Courage Molina shares biblical wisdom to apply to your life in a practical way

How to overcome ANY struggle and achieve EVERY goal so you can experience the blessings and promises of God, and start living the life of your dreams.


What’s included?

  • Archived videos of the Dose of Courage to begin to challenge the way you think and the beliefs that keep you in bondage.
  • Sermons to reveal to you the truth of God’s promises, and his desires to bless you, heal you, prosper you and protect you so that you can transform the way you speak over your situations.
  • Bible study lessons to teach you HOW to overcome the struggles that keep you from experiencing the blessings of God.
  • Bible study lessons to teach you HOW to achieve EVERY goal you set so that you can live the life you long to live.

In 2012 I was depressed, battling suicidal thoughts, running from my life, barely surviving, and on the brink of divorce. The principles I share transformed my mind; I began to see things differently. That transformation allowed me to see the lies I’d believed for so long, and replaced them with the love and truth of God through his word. I am no longer depressed, and I will live a long life full of years. I am still running, but now it’s for the purpose that God has set before me. I am thriving in life, in my marriage, with my children and my purpose. It is literally like night and day.

I will show you how to apply the word of God to your life and turn on the light in the darkest places! Once the light is on, there is NOTHING you can’t accomplish.

See what others are saying..

Courage has played a significant role in my personal, spiritual and professional growth. She has had a positive impact on my wisdom & perspective on life in general. It’s obvious her writing, intellect & teachings are blessed and come straight from the Spirit of God in her.” The Ezra Wright

Founder of A2G Ministries

If you are tired of living defeated in ANY area of your life, this is for you.

If you are ready to challenge everything you thought you knew, and experience a complete transformation, this is for you.

If you are willing to risk being looked at as strange because you no longer believe what “they” say, this is for you.

If you are ready for your faith to have an impact on how you live, this is for you.

If you are ready to receive the blessings of Abraham, this is for you.

If you want advice from someone who has been through it personally, and is living a life better than she could have ever imagined, this is for you.

If you are ready for better relationships, health, more wealth and freedom, this is for you!

This 24 hour access to the principles, encouragement and strategies would cost you thousands of dollars a year.

If you’ve ever gone to therapy, or hired a life coach, those services can run anywhere from $100 an hour to more than $2000 a month.

Think for a moment about how great your life would be if you could overcome that struggle that’s been holding you back for so long, and you finally started to achieve your goals and live your dream life.

Now imagine NEVER overcoming and NEVER experiencing the life of your dreams; never even trying….

How much is it worth to you to avoid the NEVER and experience the MORE?

Courage Molina Ministries wants to make these teachings available to believers worldwide.

For less than 17 cents a day, you can have unlimited access to Courage Coach TV.

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