Are you in a rut? Are you considering a career change, but you aren’t sure how to maximize your talents and find a great match? My guest today has more than a decade of experience and a fantastic eye for spotting talent. 

She shares her insight as to why we can get burnt out in our current positions and how self reflecting can help us to discover there’s more inside of us to give than we realize! 

About Deitra Haynes

 I met fellow Florida State University graduate Deitra at a Black Girls Gather even in Charlotte, NC earlier this year. We had an immediate connection. During a follow-up breakfast I learned she is a 14-year Talent Specialist who specializes in Human Resources and Employment Staffing. Her passion, however, is in coaching individuals to maximize their career.  

In this episode:

  • The importance of networking
  • Learning to match your talent to a career field
  • The importance of a talent specialist or career coach when making a career change
  • Questions to consider as you prepare to make the switch


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