By Courage Molina 

In Power Principles: Courageous Living Courage shares a story of transformation. Her transparency in revealing how she was able to overcome depression and live life anew provides strategies that will empower and equip women of faith to exchange their struggles for strength. Her openness and vulnerability in sharing her story challenges us all to get real about our truth so we can experience God’s best in our own lives.

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The power to change your life lies in 5 areas: identity, forgiveness, faith, relationships and growth. When you learn how to wield that power and apply its principles to your life it will transform and elevate your life. As you begin to apply the power principles for courageous living you will experience:

  • Boost in confidence and  improved self-esteem
  • Peace in difficult situations
  • Strength and courage to step out on faith and believe God for BIG things 
  • Improvement in relationships and ability to develop and cultivate new relationships
  • Motivation and inspiration for both personal and spiritual growth.

About the Author:

Courage Molina, founder of the Courageous Living brand which includes: Courageous Living University, Courageous Living podcast, coaching services, workshops, books and more resides in Charlotte, NC. She is the wife of Michael and mother of their three children, Micah, Mike and Caira. She is a dynamic speaker and an inspiration to many. Visit her website where we embrace courage as a lifestyle.

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