You Experience What You Believe

How your beliefs might be keeping you bound and what you can do to break free.

Do you want to overcome depression, negativity or complacency? Are you ready for a change for the better? I believe the key to what we experience is in what we believe. Those spoken, or unspoken truths we picked up along the way tell us what we can and can’t hope for, they tell us how the world works and what we should expect from people. Should we settle for “how things are” or can we expect to truly live out an abundant the life?

The good news is while we may have always believed one thing or another it doesn’t mean we have to hold on to those beliefs. We can choose today to exchange the deceptions we’ve believed for the truth of God. Once we expose the lies, we can replace them with truth. This will lead us to action. Our actions are based on what we accept as true. If we believe we can win, we play to win, but if we believe we are destined for failure we never really give it our all.

The key to improving our lives is to first start by changing those beliefs to ones that support our success instead of derail it. It’s a simple step, but one which requires great intention and repetition. The bible tells us in Romans 12:2 ” and be not conformed to this world:but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind that ye may prove what is that good,and acceptable,and perfect will of God.”   Click the link and check out the podcast on how your beliefs might be keeping you in bondage and what you can do to break free!

You Experience What You Believe (podcast)